Wednesday, May 24, 2017

President John F. Kennedy's "Peace Speech"

On Many Issues.

Also, it is important to fight poverty. One of the great ways to fight poverty is to address income inequality. Also, it is important to teach men and women about being producers of resources beyond just consumers. Regardless of what economic philosophy that we embrace, it is important to learn about producing resources and other concepts of financial literacy (financial literacy is learning about the trough and understanding the tools to spread wealth to future generations and the poor too). I do believe in investments in developing infrastructure, a living wage, improvements in health care, and improvements in education. Men and women should always be encouraged to set up their own enterprises from book stores, clothing stores, restaurants, fitness locations, museums, cultural centers, recreation centers, and other facilities that inspire people. We do this not for the sake of greed. We do this, so societies and communities among our people can grow and flourish. I could never be a libertarian because of many reasons. Libertarianism is about the near deification of the individual without much concern about collective power. It readily ignores human solidarity and it abhors government (even legitimate government to help the sick ,the poor, the minorities, the elderly, women, and other human beings). Government should be by, of, and for the people (not dominated by corporate interests). The invisible free market is a myth, which has never existed in human history. Some people confuse bad government with legitimate government. We want legitimate government to promote the general welfare not bad government that represents oligarchical interests. Real government should fight against evil too. For example, the federal government was used to end Jim Crow and promote civil rights and voting rights. We desire justice and true justice is always bounded by integrity, character, and just treatment. Justice is about love for love and justice go together. That is why I believe in altruism, social justice, and human solidarity.

There is the testimony of the former CIA Director John Brennan. He gave his testimony to the House Intelligence Community. Afterwards, many people accuse the Trump administration of collusion with Russian intelligence. Right now, many investigations are happening to find the truth. Donald Trump has tried to stop the investigation. The greatest attention was given to Brennan’s declaration that there had been a pattern of contacts between Trump aides and Russian officials that aroused the suspicion of the CIA during the summer of 2016. “I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and US persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals,” he told the panel. “And it raised questions in my mind again whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals.” Brennan refused to identify any of these individuals or answer a direct question about whether Trump was one of those targeted. Later in his testimony, after considerable badgering by Republican representatives, he reiterated that there were still matters to investigate. When he left office on January 20, 2017, he said, “I had unresolved questions in my mind as to whether or not the Russians had been successful in getting US persons, involved in the campaign or not, to work on their behalf, again, either in a witting or unwitting fashion.” Brennan never explicitly said that collusion existed. He did spoke about contacts among the Trump administration and Russian officials. There should be an independent investigation. Yet, we shouldn't be like McCarthyites and Cold Warriors and blame Russia for everything wrong in the world. Brennan said that the CIA in 2016 found out about alleged accusations of Russian interference via its intelligence services in the 2016 election. Significantly, Brennan seemed to downplay claims that Trump had committed a gross breach of national security by disclosing classified information about an alleged ISIS terrorist threat at a White House meeting earlier this month with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It will take time to sort all of the facts out.

We send prayers and condolences to the victims of the Manchester arena attack. One thing that we won't do is to scapegoat everyone in a religion for the actions of one person. That one murderer is solely responsible for his demented action. Murder is wrong. In order to fight back against terrorism, we must stop murderers, form collaborations to help people, abhor xenophobia, and condemn Islamophobia at the same time. The proposed Trump bill is one of the most (if not the most) draconian, anti-poor bill involving the budget in American history. It has massive cuts to not only Medicaid, but to SNAP, the Earned Income Tax Credit, massive tax cuts for the super wealthy, etc. We still have massive poverty, health care issues, and environmental problems. We don't need this abhorrent budgetary bill. This bill cuts about $1.7 trillion from social programs. The poor, the working class, and human begins of goodwill should unite to stand up for social justice and economic rights. I watched a DVD called, "Birth of a Movement" (from PBS) which is about the resistance to the racist 1915 film Birth of a Nation. It focused on the life of the Boston civil rights activist William Monroe Trotter. He was a contemporary of WEB DuBois (who went into Harvard like Trotter). He or Trotter believed in black people using direct action in the streets in order for black people to get justice and true equality. He tried to get the Birth of a Nation banned in theaters. Trotter, DuBois, and Booker T. Washington (who all had ideological differences) united in their opposition to the Birth of a Nation film. Trotter modernized much of the direct action protests that we see during the 1960's. I do recommend the documentary as it showed early 20th century America in great detail. People like Washington, DuBois, Ida B. Wells, Trotter, and other black human beings were part of that early 1900's era of Black American history.

Through life, I have faith. Racism, discrimination,and other evils never caused me to be a pessimist in my life. The reason is that I looked to history. During the unspeakable atrocities of slavery, Brothers and Sisters stood up with action and faith to abolish slavery legally in America. Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and other heroes fought on until the Confederacy was defeated. I have faith, because of the work of Ella Baker and Fannie Lou Hamer who spoke out against injustice and used their gifts of strength and courage to help their neighbors. Ella Baker worked for more than 50 years in the cause of liberation. As we approach 2020 (when I will be in my late 30's), I am still renewed in my spirit to continue onward in the work to make a better society real in the world. Black creativity is true, dynamic, powerful, and inspirational. For centuries and thousands of years, black people have audaciously built civilizations, created timeless music, and invented so much that the world cherishes. The Brother Obasi Shaw have a made a senior thesis (involving Harvard University) that deals with a music album. That album is not only inspired by Medieval literature. It has shown issues about slavery, racism, and the other characteristics of our modern day society. Today, there is still the capitalist exploitation of society by privatizers and others who desire oligarchy instead of true human justice. There is still the evil of police brutality in the world. There is also a remnant of dedicated human beings who sincerely want and are fighting for the real change that we all seek. His desire to be a software engineer is very good as we need more black men and black women involved in STEM Fields (as STEM fields are part of the touchstone of invention, innovation, and the further development of a progressive society). His Liminal Minds is historic and will undoubtedly further reach those in the world who seek a comprehensive education. Rap, when it is executed in the right way, can be a positive force for change and the enrichment of humanity. I wish Brother Obasi Shaw the best in his endeavors.

Comedy enriches the soul and focuses on not only wit, but analysis on how things are in society. Sasheer Zamata is a Sister who not only have a great gift involving comedy. She has worked hard to promote her talent in a diversity of formats. She loves truly to bring smiles to people and to cause people to think honestly about the many social realities that we face as human beings. I wish her all of the best. This reversal in one school was long overdue. Not only the banning of 2 black teenagers from wearing braids (as found in one school) discriminatory and wrong. It represents the cultural insensitivity that some have in our society. Girls and women have every right to wear braids or their hair in a diversity of ways without shame and without ridicule. Sophomores Deanna and Mya Cook are black girls with so much of their lives ahead of them. They were mistreated and the charter school changed course, because an injustice must be rectified. The reversal by the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School is good. We want all people with braids to be treated with respect and live in the world to fulfill their own happiness plus aspirations succinctly.

By Timothy

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Poisoned Generation

The Civil Rights Movement in Virginia.


Resistance in the face of a regime crackdown

Trump’s speech in Riyadh signals US escalation against Iran

This Black-Owned Construction Firm Will Replace 18,000+ Contaminated Water Pipes In Flint

Billie Holiday

Historical Information on 1963

The year of 1963 was the most important year of the Kennedy Presidency. It represented a new era and the end of JFK’s longevity. On January 2, 1963, near the Mekong River, the Battle of Ap Bac started. In that battle, the South Vietnamese had more men, air support, and American advisors. Yet, South Vietnam lost that battle. This would convince many people that South Vietnam couldn’t win without American combat troops. It caused others to desire to end the war once and for all. On January 26, James Donovan was ready to return to America from Cuba. Donovan was approached by Castro physician Rene Vallejo. He told Donovan that Cuba was interested in talking about re-establishing relations with Washington. On May 6, 1963, the eighth Secretary/Defense meeting took place in Hawaii. McNamara was part of it. There were plans for withdrawal that Kennedy ordered the year before they were submitted. The Kennedy administration stated that schedules were too slow and must be speed up. On May 10, after direct intervention by the White House, there is an agreement in Birmingham which includes integration, hiring practices, and the creation of a committee on both matters. Yet, reform would be slow in Birmingham. President John F. Kennedy gave his historic American University commencement address on June 10, 1963. It has been called the peace speech. The speech wanted peace in the world, détente with Russia, and a better society. People in America and in the USSR praised the speech as great and powerful. On June 11, Governor George Wallace brought in 825 state troops to block the entry of two African American students to the University of Alabama. Kennedy nationalized the Alabama National Guard afterwards to remove Wallace from blocking the front door. The University of Alabama now is integrated. RFK inspired JFK to give another historic speech on civil rights.

On June 11, 1963, President John F. Kennedy gave a speech where he advocated for equality and civil rights. He wants a civil rights bill to be passed by Congress. This was the most direct Presidential civil rights speech in a long time. Dr. King sent JFK a telegram to praise the speech. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always wanted JFK to be more militant in advocating for civil rights and Kennedy changed to be more progressive by 1963. President John F. Kennedy sent his Civil Rights bill of 1963 to Congress on June 19. It would be a powerful bill and the first of its kind since 1875. Also, on June 11, 1963, the press reported on how Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc set himself on fire in Saigon. This was a protest against the regime of President Ngo Dinh Diem persecuting Buddhists based on their religion (and Diem’s anti-democratic policies in general). The sister in law of Diem, Madam Nhu, disrespected this event by calling it a “barbecue” and wanted volunteers to supply the gasoline for the next self-immolation. On July 1, 1963, President Kennedy visited Italy. He back l’apertura, which was an attempt to move the socialist party into the ruling Christian Democrats. In this act, JFK supported the socialist Party of Italy. This angered the media publisher Henry Luce and CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton. On July 17, 1963, President John F. Kennedy tells the press that he will be supporting Dr. Martin Luther King’s March on Washington. He is the first President to support such a historic march in public. He assigned Bobby Kennedy to supervise. The problem was that JFK censored any speech in the march that criticized him and many of his plans tried to sugarcoat the powerful militancy of SNCC (which was involved in the March along with countless civil rights leaders and activists. The March was the dream of A. Philip Randolph being fulfilled finally).

On August 5, 1963, Russia and America signed the Limited Atomic Test Ban Treaty in Moscow. Kennedy helped to get it passed by the Senate in a vote of 80-19 on September 23. The treaty was one of the greatest accomplishments of the Kennedy administration. On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his eloquent, powerful “I Have a Dream” speech in the March on Washington. It was a speech that not only had hope for justice, but it criticized the current state of injustices that black Americans experienced. It was critical of the current political situation state wide and nationally and it desired a change.  Dr. King, in his speech, criticized racism, segregation, police brutality, and economic oppression. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted all people to be free. Kennedy praised the speech. On September 20, Kennedy visited the United Nations to urge them to not abandon Congo. He convinced the UN to extend the peacekeeping mission for one year. On September 23, Kennedy asked for a cooperative venture to the moon with the USSR. This was part of the movement towards détente. On September 25, 1963, Kennedy’s tax cut bill passed the House under the Ways and Means Committee Chairman Wilbur Mills. In 1965, it will cut unemployment by 17% and boost GNP by over 20%. Yet, the capital improvements part is foregone. On October 1, in Hawaii, Kennedy substituted his own trip report (written in Washington) for McNamara and General Taylor’s report. He wanted to be sure that it forms the basis for his withdrawal plan. On October 4, Kennedy suspended diplomatic relations with the Dominican Republic until the military restore elected president Juan Bosch to power. On October 11, Kennedy approved of NSAM 263. This started his withdrawal plan with the removal of a thousand men from Vietnam by the end of 1963. On October 21, the Senate passed Kennedy’s Aid to Higher Education Act. This was the first education bill since 1945. LBJ would sign it on December 16, 1963. October 24, 1963 is the time when Kennedy met with journalist Jean Daniel before his trip to Cuba. JFK gives a long message to him to deliver to Castro. It is about the upcoming resumption of relations.

On October 31, and due to a tip by an informant named “Lee,” the Secret Service foiled an attempt to kill Kennedy in Chicago. Kennedy’s November 2 appearance is cancelled. On November 1, 1963, South Vietnamese generals, led by "Big Minh", overthrew the Diem government, arresting and then killing Diem and Nhu (they died on November 2, 1963). Kennedy was shocked by the deaths. He found out afterwards that Minh had asked the CIA field office to secure safe-passage out of the country for Diem and Nhu, but was told that 24 hours were needed to procure a plane. Minh responded that he could not hold them that long. This was a turning point in the Vietnam War. By this time, 16,000 American troop “advisors” were in Vietnam. Those involved in the coup were South Vietnamese generals who opposed Diem. Conein and Lodge had sided with the generals (from South Vietnam who opposed Diem). There is no evidence that John F. Kennedy directly ordered the coup personally against Diem. He did approve of Cable 243 (the Kennedy administration was split into those who supported the coup and opposed it), but he never ordered the murder of Diem and his brother. Kennedy according to sources suspects that Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge was involved in their deaths. He wanted to recall Lodge to Washington to fire him. Yet, John F. Kennedy was as assassinated in November 22, 1963.  Before leaving for Dallas, Kennedy told Michael Forrestal that "after the first of the year ... [he wanted] an in depth study of every possible option, including how to get out of there ... to review this whole thing from the bottom to the top." Just before his assassination, on November 18, JFK finalized a trip to Jakarta for 1964 to bolster the nationalist Sukarno and stop a confrontation with Malaysia. Soon, Kennedy was assassinated and the world mourns. The nation changed. LBJ is the new President and he takes a more militaristic tone involving the Vietnam War. After Kennedy's assassination, President Johnson passed NSAM 273 on November 26, 1963. It reversed Kennedy's decision to withdraw 1,000 troops, and reaffirmed the policy of assistance to the South Vietnamese. Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald on national television on November 24, 1963. LBJ would support the Warren Commission Report (with members in it among those JFK fired or were members of Congress). John F. Kennedy lived a very short life, but his life has been discussed for a long time. President John F. Kennedy represented the idealism of what America could be and he expressed that idealism with his eloquent speeches. After the 100 years after his birth, we live in a new generation which seeks justice, true equality, and tranquility for the human race.

I could never be a libertarian because of many reasons. Libertarianism is about the near deification of the individual without much concern about collective power. It readily ignores human solidarity and it abhors government (even legitimate government to help the sick, the poor, the minorities, the elderly, women, and other human beings). Government should be by, of, and for the people (not dominated by corporate interests). The invisible free market is a myth, which has never existed in human history. Some people confuse bad government with legitimate government. We want legitimate government to promote the general welfare not bad government that represents oligarchical interests. Real government should fight against evil too. For example, the federal government was used to end Jim Crow and promote civil rights, labor rights, and voting rights. We desire justice and true justice is always bounded by integrity, character, and just treatment. Justice is about love for love and justice go together. That is why I believe in altruism, social justice, and human solidarity. If someone wants change, then that person must be humble and enact that change. We have the right to question, to show self-expression, and to defend our human rights. I also like to send great thanks for the great people here who show information about history, consciousness, Africa, fitness, exercise, spirituality, and other important issues. I also want to thank those who are gifted to show humor as humor is important to increase the inquisitive nature of our beings. So, we are all in this together as Brothers and Sisters. Love is more than an emotion. It's a feeling of warmth. It's a feeling of joy when there is tranquility, authentic communication, and honesty to do things out of a sincere motivation. A lot of people are searching for love. Some are blessed to find it. It takes patience to find real love, because love readily incorporates pristine sacrifice and a determination to develop that sense of peace that surpasses understanding. So, I do believe in love as I believe in promoting happiness in life.

By Timothy

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday News

The Trump story gets more and more bizarre. Reuters reported that the Trump team had at least 18 times of contact with the Russians. Michael Flynn told the Trump transition team that he was under investigation by the FBI. This was weeks before Flynn was fired and Flynn was still selected by the Trump administration. The Deputy Attorney General have briefed Senators on the Trump's firing of Comey. Some believe that evidence of the obstruction of justice exists. Comey wrote his memo and the Deputy Attorney General said that he knew on May 8 that Comey would be fired. That was one day before Comey was fired. Obstruction of justice is very serious. FORMER FBI Director Robert Mueller is appointed by the Justice Department as special counsel in the Russia investigation. Trump has denied asking Comey to end Flynn investigation. Comey is known to create a paper trail and have other forms of documentation for his information. Comey's friend said that Trump's hug to Comey was viewed by Comey as a way to try to end the investigation in a slick way too. There should be an impartial investigation of all of the facts. I don't believe in McCarthyism that blames Russia for everything under the sun. Also, I don't believe in obstruction of justice or violations of any law. The truth must be known. If these allegations are true, then Trump should be impeached. Trump should be impeached for other reasons, but if these accusations are accurate, then he should be impeached. I don't agree with the Trump agenda.

Yesterday was Happy Haitian flag Day to all. Haiti is very important to us as Brothers and Sisters. It was the first black Republic of the Americas. Its independence was created in 1804 after the Haitians defeated the French, the English, and the Spanish. Toussaint Louverture, Sanité Bélair, and other heroes fought for the freedom of our people in the nation of Haiti. Their sacrifices are always honored by us. Haiti is a Caribbean nation with majestic culture, music, art, and extraordinary down to Earth human beings. The Haitians have made tons of contributions in music, athletics, government, literature, theology, science, technology, mathematics, legal affairs, sociology, anthropology, biology, and other aspects of human endeavors. I have Caribbean ancestry from my mother's side of my family, so we all celebrate Haiti and the Haitian people forever. Love is more than an emotion. It's a feeling of warmth. It's a feeling of joy when there is tranquility, authentic communication, and honesty to do things out of a sincere motivation. A lot of people are searching for love. Some are blessed to find it. It takes patience to find real love, because love readily incorporates pristine sacrifice and a determination to develop that sense of peace that surpasses understanding. So, I do believe in love as I believe in promoting happiness in life.

The events in Flint, Michigan are some of the most callous acts of the political establishment in the 21st century. Flint residents are victims of poisoned water and they are being forced by the authorities to pay for the water when the water infrastructure is still very weakened. Many people still suffer many illnesses and diseases (like Legionnaires disease) from lead poisoning & poisoned water. Also, many have died in Flint. Some folks' hairs have fallen out too. This showed that environmental justice is an important aspect of any society. Authorities have been bad to threatened shutoffs against families too. The assistance to families with children are minuscule and that money doesn't apply to families who moved from Flint (which makes that policy only a token measure). In essence, pipes need to be replaced. The whole water system in Flint must have radical improvements and families definitely need more investments. Virginia Tech’s Professor Marc Edwards, Flint pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, and other whistleblowers have done great work in making the truth known. Snyder and members from both major parties have done a seriously disgraceful job in fully addressing this monumental crisis in Flint, Michigan. Now, home values have declined greatly and many residents fear that their homes might be foreclosed in 2018 by their refusal to pay for poisoned water. The people of Flint don't need more corporate exploitation. They desire total justice.

This is an important issue. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, one officer was once again acquitted by the jury after the officer unjustly killed an unarmed black human being. It's a shame that we have to anticipate this tragedy result and officers (who abuse their power) are rarely prosecuted for such heinous actions. Those, who do manslaughter, readily experience prison time, but the officer doesn't. Terrence Crutcher is the name of the Brother who was killed. His family is suffering unspeakable pain when justice unfortunately is not being served here. Right now, many protesters in Tulsa are expressing legitimate outrage at that verdict. Sessions is the new Attorney General and we know what he stand for and it isn't for social justice. So, our rights are disrespected by a system which wants the status quo. Therefore, we have to fight for our rights and for justice regardless.
Black Lives Matter.

A lot of people here are from Texas. Many of my relatives came to Texas before. They visited Austin, which is a place with history. One of my relatives visited San Antonio which has a lot of diversity and inspirational culture. Many of my relatives visited Waco and Dallas (which is a large city with a huge downtown area). Since I have an inquisitive mind (and I like to study stuff in my spare time), I have researched Texas and its history (especially its civil rights history, because the civil rights movement wasn't just in Virginia, Georgia, or Alabama. It existed in Texas too). One of the greatest civil rights heroes was Sister Juanita Craft of Dallas, Texas. This information is to reiterate the crucial point that regardless of where were live or work geographically, we are all in this together as human beings. We share one Earth and we work hard in this world so future generations can live in the Promised Land for real. Yesterday was the Birthday of Brother Reggie Jackson. He played baseball for a long time. is an American former professional baseball right fielder who played 21 seasons for the Kansas City / Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, and California Angels of Major League Baseball (MLB). Jackson was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993. Reggie Jackson was called Mr. October when he played for the NY Yankees, because of his clutch play in the field. He was born in Jackson was born in the Wyncote neighborhood of Cheltenham Township, just north of Philadelphia. He played basketball, baseball, football, and track and field when he was in high school. He graduated form high school in 1964. He was injured before and doctors said that he could never walk again. Yet, he had faith and overcome the odds to be a great athlete in his own right. After his career, he worked with the Yankees and other things. I wish Brother Reggie Jackson more Blessings.

By Timothy

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Janet Jackson's Runaway


A First Look Inside the Smithsonian’s African American Museum: Stunning Views, Grand Scale

Singer, siren, activist, spy: the extraordinary life of Josephine Baker – History Extra


Roger Ailes, Who Built Fox News Into an Empire, Dies at 77

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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Another Trump Scandal

The Trump regime is filled with confusion and disarray now. There is the report from the NY Times that Trump met with former FBI Director James Comey in February in order to try to convince Comey to shut down the federal investigation into his former national security adviser Michael Flynn. This comes after the report from the Washington Post that Trump shared classified information about ISIS to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak (who are Russian officials). These events show that the military-intelligence establishment doesn’t like Trump. Members of the FBI are among the sources for the Times report. Sean Spicer held an off camera press conference, which is bizarre. Trump is hated by the intelligence community, because Trump (in their minds) refuse to go far enough in the CIA-led campaign to overthrow Assad and the confronting of Russia. The Democrats and the Republicans in their leadership are unison in their opposition to Russia. Many of them agree with military aggression. Real opposition to the Trump regime should consist with opposition Trump’s attacks on democratic rights, immigration, environmental and safety regulations, and social services (along with Trump’s military aggression overseas). The Comey memo story is shown all over national media. The article had an additional revelation, that “The memo was part of a paper trail Mr. Comey created documenting what he perceived as the president’s improper efforts to influence a continuing investigation.”

In other words, Comey, an experienced political operator in the national security bureaucracy, was preparing a dossier to be used against Trump in the event that he moved against Comey—as he did May 9, firing the FBI director summarily. Comey shared the memo of the February 14 conversation—and no doubt other documents—with “senior FBI officials and close associates,” according to the Times. One week after Comey’s firing, almost to the minute, the Times article based on the leaked Comey memo was posted on the newspaper’s web site. The Trump White House flatly denied Comey’s version of the February 14 meeting, declaring in a statement, “The president has never asked Mr. Comey or anyone else to end any investigation, including any investigation involving General Flynn … This is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and Mr. Comey.” This comes after Trump implied to Comey that he might have tapes of his conversation with him. So, Comey is responding in a way. The Post article said that Trump had revealed highly classified information about ISIS plans to attack airliners with bombs concealed in laptops during a meeting May 10 in the Oval Office with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak. Trump declared that he had every right as president to divulge classified information. Many people are calling for his impeachment. I do believe in an independent investigation to figure out the truth. If the Comey memo exists, then it should be release into public even if a subpoena is issued. We have to find the truth.

Sometimes, we have to accept inconvenient and uncomfortable truths. One truth is that millions of franatics, extremists, racists, and sexists voted for Trump. Many people want to promote the lie that since they voted for a racist like Trump, then they aren't racist. What is disgraceful is how Trump supporters try to justify their bad decisions when Trump has advanced environmental destructive policies, a refusal to fight police terrorism, and he's a supporter of a voter suppressor like Kobach. Many people are naive to think that racism is extinct or xenophobia is extinct. Trump has shown the world that America is filled with religious hypocrites and other hypocrites who lecture others on morality, but believe in an immoral resident of the White House. A con artist and a liar (who disrespects women and minorities) has no respect from me. Studies document how mostly white people voted or him despite his deception. That tells me that the Republicans forsake ideological consistency for political expediency. In other words, many Trump supporters could care less about Trump's views or his mediocre intellect. They do care about power and maintaining a right wing regime in American society. So, progressive people shouldn't kiss up to people who don't respect them. They should fight back and stand up plus speak up for the values that our ancestors lived for and died for. It will be very difficult to impeach Trump not just because of the extremist Republicans in Congress. Also, many cowardly Democrats like Joe Manchin (who voted for Sessions) want to play nice and refuse to expose Trump for what he is.

Kara McCullough is the new Miss USA for 2017. She is gifted in STEM fields and other aspects of science. She understands numbers, studies, and nuclear science a great deal. She should be acknowledged for her contributions in society. She should never be disrespected. She shouldn't be slandered. Yet, she is incorrect to say that health care is a privilege primarily for workers. Health care is a human right. When children, adults, etc. get sick, they shouldn't be deprived of health care just because they don't work. The deprivation of health care from those with preexisting conditions for years and decades by many factions have caused hurt, death, and pain. Today, we live in a new generation. We know of many nations with universal health care that have worked wonders for people from Australia to Singapore. The victims of water poisoning of Flint, Michigan deserve to be told that their health care is a human right not a privilege. Just because something is not explicitly mentioned in law doesn't mean that something is not a right. For centuries, black people were deprived the right to vote, but voting is a human right. Inalienable rights persist throughout the ages. Natural hair is beautiful. Likewise, those who use extensions, wigs, and other diverse types of hair should be respected too. People don't have to be called feminists to be conscious. That is her right not to consider herself a feminist. Yet, there are many in the world who slander every feminist as a man-hater, which is a lie. Feminism simply means equality for all regardless of sex. We live in a time where some want to demonize feminists in every prerogative way possible, but they refuse to address gender inequality involving pay and they refuse to promote social justice. So, Kara McCullough has the right to her views and people have the right to legitimately disagree with some of her views as well.

This is nothing new. First, I will show where I agree with Monique and where I disagree with Monique. I agree with Monique that Lee Daniels is part of the machine. He admitted that he's sellout and he wants to allow white people to call black people the N word. He's a coward. She talked about Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey not treating her fairly. I don't know whether that is true or not, but that Hollywood world is filled with backstabbing and betrayal. The truth will come out one way or another. She's right that Sisters have the right to be free as human beings. I disagree with Monique is cursing all 3 of them out. Regardless of how we feel about any of those 3 (Daniels, Perry, and Winfrey), we don't have to curse them out to make our points clear. I wish Monique the best. She's a gorgeous black woman. She's grown and she is entitled to her views. Also, she's from Baltimore. I have relatives who live in Baltimore, so B-More is always in the House.

By Timothy

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

Monday News in Mid-May 2017

The culture of Seattle is beautiful and diverse. It is a gateway to Alaska. Also, it is a city with the nickname of the Emerald City. It has evergreen forests all over the area. Seattle residents are called Seattleites. Seattle is a great center of the performing arts. There is the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, which performs regularly at Benaroya Hall. The Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet also perform at the McCaw Hall (which opened in 2003. It’s located in the site of the former Seattle Opera House at Seattle Center). The Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras (SYSO) is the largest symphonic youth organization in the United States. The city also boasts lauded summer and winter chamber music festivals organized by the Seattle Chamber Music Society. The 5th Avenue Theater was built in 1926. It shows Broadway-style musical shows. It hosts local talent and international stars. Its jazz locations have helped the careers of many musical legends like Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Bumps Blackwell, Ernestine Anderson, etc. Music from grunge, hip hop, R&B, rock, gospel, and other genres of music are a part of Seattle culture. Seattle and music go hand in hand. Film festivals and cruise ships readily predominate the lives of human beings in Seattle. There is the 24 day Seattle International Film Festival. Native American celebrations exist. The Greek Festival is hosted by St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Montlake. The Seattle Great Wheel, one of the largest Ferris wheels in the US, opened in June 2012 as a new, permanent attraction on the city's waterfront, at Pier 57, next to Downtown Seattle.  The city also has many community centers for recreation, including Rainier Beach, Van Asselt, Rainier, and Jefferson south of the Ship Canal and Green Lake, Laurelhurst, Loyal Heights north of the Canal, and Meadowbrook. Sports teams are down in Seattle like the Seahawks, the Mariners, the Sounders (in soccer), the Storm (in the WNBA), and the Reign (in soccer). Seattle is 69.5 percent Caucasian, 13.8 percent Asian, 7.9 percent African American, 6.6 percent Hispanic, 0.8 percent Native American, 0.4 percent Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, and is filled with other ethnic groups. Seattle's foreign-born population grew 40% between the 1990 and 2000 censuses. There is the Central District in the African American community too. There is the Northwest African American Museum that shows the history, culture, and art of African Americans (which celebrates the works of the educator Thelma Dewitty, the poet Langston Hughes, the painter Jacob Lawrence, the sculptor James Washington, and the playwright August Wilson) in the Pacific Northwest. African American cultural events (in promoting dance, theater, film music, history, and art) exist throughout Seattle from the Festival Sundiata, Umoja Fest, and the Earshot Jazz Festival. Asian American events exist too. Seattle has always been culturally diverse.

Many issues are in the educational field and in education in general. One of the most important issues in education revolves around student loan debt. There is over one trillion total student loan debt in America alone. Many students struggle to pay the debt off. Many people wait until 10-20 years to pay off all of the debt. The debt has increased, because of rising tuition costs of universities over the past 30 years among other reasons like growing income inequality including lax incomes. That is why many join community colleges (which are less expensive than most universities) before going into a 4-year university. We certainly don’t need the raising of interest rates on federally assisted student loans. That makes things worse. DeVos or the Education Secretary recently has ended Obama era student loan protections. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, who will join DeVos at a visit to an Ohio public school later this month, said rescinding the Obama-era guidance opens the door for "rogue operators" to win lucrative government contracts. "If Secretary DeVos were serious about curing America’s trillion-dollar student loan crisis, she would strengthen, not rescind, these protections," Weingarten said. "Instead, she is enabling and empowering bad actors. It’s just another clear example of Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration putting the interests of predatory profiteers over the needs of the little guy -- in this instance, the millions of people trying to go to college or acquire career skills without being crippled by debt.” Persis Yu, director of the National Consumer Law Center’s Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project, said the CFPB's lawsuit against Navient has demonstrated that problems with services are widespread and their practices can create obstacles to repayment that become costly for borrowers. "Today’s action by Secretary DeVos could make it easier for the department to hire servicers with a track record of harming borrowers," Yu said. "The Department of Education should ensure that servicers who work for the taxpayer embrace student loan borrower-centric policies and are held accountable when they fall short, rather than rescinding basic rules that assist strapped borrowers." There are many proposals to solve this problem.

Many have advocated extending the period of paying back loans to 25-30 years. Some want to reduce monthly payments or tying payment to job income. Some desire a total forgiveness of loans after payment for a certain amount of years. Some desire limits on total borrowing from private lenders. Some progressives desire investments to make community college tuition free. There have been debates about charter and public schools for over 20 years now. Some charter schools have made failures and some have made successes. The common ground approach is to promote accountability, teacher’s rights, student’s rights, collective bargaining, and improvements regardless of the educational system. Another important issue involves teachers and students. Both teachers and students must have their rights respected. Each serves an important function in any school. Students should be educated and protected and teachers should be respected and held accountable for their actions too. Both students and teachers equally must follow the rules in the classroom and throughout the school. Bullying is one of the most serious problems in schools. Bullying is wrong since it violates human autonomy, it violates human rights, and it is disrespectful. Many children of many backgrounds have unfortunately committed suicide because of bullying. That’s very sad. So, we are opposed to bullying 100 percent. Private schools exist. Yet, they shouldn’t be funded by public tax payer dollars. Vouchers being funded by taxpayer money publicly is a violation of the separation of the church and state. I don’t want anyone on this Earth to dictate to me how I should worship or believe in. Many schools are funded by property taxes. So, richer communities fund heavily from resources while poorer communities struggle to get resources. That is why this is wrong and more resources should be given to poorer communities, so their educational system can be strengthened.

Many scholars have looked to Finland to find educational solutions. One solution to education is to address economic inequality. There is no solution unless poverty is addressed, so economic inequality can radically decline. Helping those, who experience poverty, will increase not only wealth, but a better life in general. That means that investments in poor communities must exist, mentors must grow in schools, and unique investments must be made in order for schools to be funded greatly. Finland has taught us that small classrooms, highly educated teachers, and large autonomy in schools can work to improve educational functions. Teachers in Finland are given money to have graduate level preparation. Also, qualified teachers, high standards, supports for special needs, adequate resources, and balancing decentralization and centralization make the difference. Also, Finland has a flexible curriculum system which meets the needs of students in various schools. Finland doesn’t have a rigid, strict standardized testing system unlike many locations in America. Teachers for the longest time have complained about standardized tests and this situation must change. There should be a focus on creative solutions, innovation, and it must be grounded in the equitable distribution of resources instead of permanent competition to help people. Finland’s national core curriculum is leaner and focuses on developing local power and assessments too. Finland allows teachers time to jointly create curriculum and lesson plans.  Creative thinking is important as well. Also, students should be encouraged to follow independent learning at their own pace. Active learning among students grows their metacognitive skills to tackle, frame, and solve problems. They can improve and evaluate their work. Learning to them becomes more productive. Also, policies against bullying must transpire. Counseling services, and policies of educational equity ought to always become priorities in solution making.

Therefore, we know about the critical value involving education. Education is more than about learning information. Education is about promoting virtue and intellectual curiosity in the world. It is about questioning things and analyzing information in a cogent, deliberate fashion. We are not naïve too. Many corporate interests have damaged many aspects of public education. Capitalist elites have harmed many in the educational system for decades. The Trump regime has placed many people in charge of federal agencies who make it their duty to privatize or serious harm public education. DeVos is known for spending millions of dollars to promote the voucher system in Michigan, so education is privatized. Common Core, Race to the Top, and Leave no Child Left Behind are controversial policies from previous administrations too. We don’t need austerity and privatization (which is about the selling of public properties and institutions to capitalists). Education has been harmed by tax cuts for the rich, expanded military spending, banker bailouts, the economic recession, and other events. Public education should be owned and controlled by the people not by private, free market-oriented capitalist corporations. The people must define their power not corporations. The problem is not just found in schools. Many grown adults (grown people) fail to add numbers of a bank slip, identify places on a map, and reading directions for taking medication. Therefore, we should help people to do these tasks and to be more productive members of society. We must not shame or disrespect those who struggle with literacy. We must be strong, compassionate, and giving to help humanity. Education is about gaining wisdom, so our self can be transformed. We must embrace meaning. True education rejects brainwashing, rejects total groupthink, rejects constant training to rigid confirmity, and rejects stagnation. True education is about independent thinking. Developing intelligence isn’t about tech savviness alone. Intelligence encompasses creation, analysis, developing, memory, and creating new meanings to existing concepts. I don’t believe in G. Stanley Hall’s view that learning the alphabet is fetishism. Students should learn the basics of the alphabet, multiplication, grammar, scales and literature in order for them to get life going. Education is not training to be a puppet of corporate elites. Education is about using your innate talents and abilities to understand language, science, history, literature, other STEM fields, music, and other subjects in order for you to live and flourish in the world society. Learning is about not random memorization, but expressing true understanding of concepts (plus applying that understanding in everyday life). Education wants to make people in general to be informed about the world around them, so positive, progressive change can exist globally. That’s the point. To read, to write, and to think flourish under true education. We are human and we are creative living beings who have every right to promote education. I embrace critical thinking, self-awareness, and consciousness (in fighting injustices too). Universal education was improved during the civil rights struggles, but we have so much to go. So, public schools and any legitimate schools must improve. We must be active in supporting policies that develop education and promote true justice involving our educational services indeed.

By Timothy

Sunday, May 14, 2017

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Friday News

Economic growth developed in Seattle from World War II to 1970. The economy was bombing and Boeing hired many human beings. There was no massive regional planning, but the city didn’t grow large enough to feel the strain. William Boeing made his airplane company out of his boat company. He always had a fascination with flying and aircraft. During World War I, Boeing grew to employ "about four thousand people, with sales just under ten million dollars a year, it was a good if unspectacular business for Seattle." The company struggled through the period between the wars, and "began to build dressers, counters and furniture for a corset company and a confectioner's shop, as well as flat-bottomed boats called sea sleds.” When World War II begins, the government desired tens of thousands of planes a year. Boeing was positioned to provide them. Many human beings worked under fixed fee contracts. So, Boeing churned out aircraft and became the largest employer in Seattle. When the war ended, “the military canceled its bomber orders; Boeing factories shut down and 70,000 people lost their jobs," and initially it appeared that Seattle had little to show for the wartime Boeing boom. However, this period of stagnation soon ended with the rise of the jet aircraft and Boeing's reincarnation as the world's leading producer of commercial passenger planes. At the same time, the freeways were being built to compensate for all this new growth. Most of the Eastside (east of Lake Washington) and northern suburbs came into being during the Boeing boom. Also, the Interstate Highways I-5 and I-90 grew. I-5 cut off Downtown Seattle from Capitol Hill and First Hill. Part of the historic downtown, including the Tony Sorrento Hotel, was left stranded on the "wrong" side of the freeway. Freeway Park was eventually built over I-5 in 1976, restoring something of a link between Downtown and First Hill. With all this postwar growth came growing pollution of the lakes and rivers. These rivers and lakes provided much of beauty that had been Seattle's appeal to its recent immigrants. Also, the sprawl constantly demanded more roads, since the ones already built had terrible traffic. Jim Ellis and other Seattle natives, anxious to preserve the city in which they grew up, came together to institute the Metropolitan Problems Committee, or METRO, intended to manage and plan the metropolitan area. The original, comprehensive METRO regional plan was defeated in a vote by the suburbanites; METRO came back, scaled down to a sewage treatment and transport organization; METRO was eventually merged into the King County government. During this time, Seattle wanted to counter the decline of its downtown and the area immediately to the north by hosting the Century 21 Exposition, the 1962 World’s Fair. The fair, given a futuristic science theme, was designed to leave behind a civic center, now known as Seattle Center, including arts buildings, the Pacific Science Center and the Space Needle, and serving also a fairground. There was a demonstration monorail line was that constructed at no cost to the city and paid for out of ticket sales and then turned over to the city for $600,000 (according to the Seattle Center Monorail). It is now mostly a tourist attraction. The World’s Fair arguably reenergized the downtown of Seattle and it was a success, even finished with a profit. After World War II, the University of Washington took a step forward. Back then, its university president was Charles Odegaard.

The Boeing Bust existed because of many factors. They are the decline in the Vietnam War military spending, the slowing of the space program (as Project Apollo was near completion), and the recession of 1969-1970. Boeing’s $2 billion in debt existed as it built the 747 airliner. The company and the Seattle area suffered. Commercial Airplane Group or the largest unit of Boeing went from 83,700 employees in 1968 to 20,750 in 1971. Each unemployed Boeing employee cost at least one other job. Unemployment increased to 14%, which was the highest in America during that time. Housing vacancy rates rose to 16% from 1% in 1967. U-Haul dealerships ran out of trailers because so many people moved out. A billboard appeared near the airport: “Will the last person leaving SEATTLE- Turn out the lights.” After 1973, Seattle was in good company for its recession. The rest of the nation suffered the energy crisis too. The Pike Place Market (or arguably Seattle’s most important tourist attraction) gained its modern form in the aftermath of the Boeing crash. The internment of Japanese Americans from Seattle during World War II had hit the market hard too. 80 percent of its vendors were ethnically Japanese. A “Keep the Market” initiative was led by architect Victor Steinbrueck. It passed in 1971. He pushed for an adaptive reuse. The project was very successful in spite of intense opposition by the Seattle political establishment. Today, the Pike Place Market pulls nine million visitors every year. Pioneer Square has a similar story. It was an old neighborhood. It was built after the Fire of 1889. It had fallen into derelict status after the war of WWII. Yet, Seattle’s downtown became reenergized. Businesses started to look for buildings that could be acquired cheaply. Offices moved into renovated buildings. Therefore, there was a market for facilities to service them, leading to a “flood of other restaurants, galleries, boutiques.” Seattle was definitely recovering from the blow dealt by the Boeing recession, refilling areas that had threatened to become slums. From the late 1950’s, Seattle was one of the centers of the emergence of the American counter-culture and the culture of protest. Before grunge there were beats, fringies (a local Seattle term), hippies, and batcavers.

Many people struggle to make ends meet back then and in our time. As others have stated, we have a problem where numerous human beings have to struggle in massive ways just to get above the poverty line. This is why some folks have a fear of going back into poverty, so anxiety sets in among some exist. Also, many try to use every precaution humanly possible to maintain a livelihood conducive to survival. The current, imperfect financial reality wasn't created by the masses of the people. It was created by an oligarchy whose methods, laws, and other policies have exploited the poor and working class people. This is why not only do we realize that poverty exists, but movements have been established to fight poverty from the labor movement to the civil rights movement. We must have an increased knowledge of financial literary. We realize that money is not to be deified. It is tool that can be used for good and for evil. Numerous people are very honest in outlining their own experiences, so those who are very poor don't have been placed in shame of their own predicaments. Being poor shouldn't be a used as an excuse to curse those who are. It should be used as an opportunity to help the poor and to realize that they are not alone. They have worth just like anyone else and the current system needs restructuring, so human beings can live in the realm of their full potentials without oppression. That is the quintessential point that we cherish. We want folks to get busy living. For long years, decades, and centuries, the super wealthy has exploited the current economic system to benefit themselves from not just stocks and bonds. They have spread wealth around to create a situation where there is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor as Dr. King has said in 1967. Rent is high in many places of America. High rent does exist, but also there are unique, slick means of how some gain a massive amount of wealth in Western society. Sometimes, wealth is created via cut throat acts not through the genuine development of assets. Gentrification is a reality and many people struggle to make ends meet as evident in the massive economic inequality in D.C. (and in places worldwide). We should learn about generational wealth, investments, and other aspects of financial concepts, but without solving systematic poverty, nothing massive changes. That's a fact. In other words, we have to find solutions to poverty and end the way on how the system causes the 1% to receive record capital at the expense of everyone else.

I listened to the whole video of Chili and T-Boz on political issues. Here are my thoughts. If all lives were valued equally in American society and true justice existed in the globe, there wouldn't even be a need for protests in opposing police brutality. Studies and sociological research document the disproportionate killings of black people, the unfair sentencing practices against black people, and the unfair, excessive suspensions of many black people involving the educational system. Economic inequality, xenophobia, classism, racial discrimination, and sexism are realities in America. Therefore, Chili is right that police brutality is wrong no matter who the victim is. She is wrong is trying to minimize black oppression into the mantra of "all lives matter." The all lives matter movement wasn't created by progressives originally. It was created by mostly whites who wanted to express a backlash against the legitimate grievances from the Black Lives Matter movement. We have to keep it real. We have a crisis of police terrorism in America and in the world. Police tyrants who terrorize human beings deserve prison. We face massive poverty and oppression against many groups of human beings. Black Lives Matter is never about promoting racism. It is about promoting the dignity and the humanity of black people. It is about ending capitalist exploitation and forming progressive economies that enrich communities and societies.

Yes, black people have worked hard to promote education, STEM skills, and solutions for a long time. No, we don't need the respect of others as we can respect ourselves regardless if people like us or not. Yes, many BLM members have helped a white victim of a police killing before. His name was Dylan Noble. So, we never forget the names of Aiyana Jones, Michael Brown, Jessica Williams, Kisha Michael, and other black Brothers and Sisters who have died. Many of the same ones who lecture black people on "all lives matter" lecture black people on "black on black crime" (in other words, they hypocritically believe in colorblindness, but they don't view crime as colorblind. I reject colorblindess. I believe in being color respectful and having color awareness in a positive way) when most crime in America is intraracial (and crime is caused mostly in close proximity, it deals heavily with socioeconomic factors, and it has nothing to do with inborn genetics. In other words, no one talks about "white on white" crime in a massive level since many view white people who do crime in more complex terms from that person has mental illness to that person has drug addiction. Black people are demonized more in society relating to many issues). T-Boz kept it real about Trump. Non-blacks (like the Asians, the Irish, the Greeks, etc. That is why there are Asian museums, Irish museums, and Greek festivals nationwide) are free to talk about their heritage, their culture, and their identity from history to poetry and they are praised by society. When black people want to express unapologetic blackness in public and advance black interests, then we're demonized by the haters unfairly as being "intolerant." That is wrong. I will not compromise. So, we are going to speak our Blackness regardless.

By Timothy

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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FBI Director James Comey is fired.

Trump firing James Comey (who was the Director of the FBI) is related to the continued investigation of the Trump administration. Senators have said that the investigation will continue to see if they're extensive ties between the Trump regime and Russia. Folks among both parties criticized Comey because of diverse reasons (from the email scandal to the investigation about Trump). The NYT reported that Comey only heard of this firing from TV. This events shows crisis involving the Trump administration. Many Democrats and some Republicans have condemned the firing as a way for Trump to distract from the investigation and in their minds, it's an excessive usage of power. There should be an investigation done by a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of collusion of the Trump regime and the Russian government. Much corruption is found in the Trump regime from the bad executive orders to Kushner's using economic resources to benefit the wealthy. There were numerous media comparisons to the “Saturday Night Massacre” during the Watergate scandal of 1973–74, when President Richard Nixon fired his attorney general and deputy attorney general when they refused to dismiss special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. That effort to torpedo an investigation failed: ten months later, Nixon was forced to resign as president. There are differences as this situation now is about a person firing one person among other reasons. Also, there has been a tension between the Trump regime and the intelligence community.

The intelligence community wants Trump to be more active in Syria, Russia, and China. Trump has submitted to their demands. Trump is more militarily belligerent against North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China. The argument for the firing elaborated in a three-page memorandum prepared by Rosenstein. The memo says that Comey used bad actions in showing results of an investigation in public and other actions. The problem is that Trump once opposed Comey on his investigation of Hillary Clinton's email and then supported him after the election. Sessions rescued himself from Russian probes too. Many people believe that Comey was fired, because on March 20, 2017, Comey admitted that the FBI is investigating the Trump administration on allegations of it having ties with Russia. Since then, a series of former campaign advisers and aides has been interrogated by the FBI, each undoubtedly pressured to save their own skins at the expense of those higher up, in a chain leading inexorably to Trump himself. We know that Michael Flynn has been caught being involved in bad actions. Trump claims that Comey was fired over his handling over the Hillary email scandal, which many folks don't believe. The White House apparently informed only a handful of congressional leaders ahead of the firing, including Senators Lindsey Graham and Dianne Feinstein, the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee subcommittee that oversees the FBI. Graham publicly endorsed the firing, while Feinstein did not oppose it.

Trump's confusing message is typical of his hypocritical, bigoted regime. First, HBCUs don't discriminate based on race or ethnicity. It was created in part to end discrimination based upon race. Trump has shown executive orders as a means to harm environmental protections and limit democratic rights that people fought for. Some black folks love Trump (like Omarosa, Jim Brown, etc.), but now we see more of his egregious agenda. We see Trump advancing a health care bill that will cut Medicaid, expand tax cuts for the super wealthy, and make health care access more complicated. We see him giving praise to a xenophobe like Marine Le Pen. We see him omitting the epidemic of police terrorism in our communities and spewing sexism and bigotry out in the open. There are always many whites and some blacks who love anti-black racism, which is a disgrace. Trump supporters aren't blind to Trump's extremism. They just don't care. They believe in the lie that forcing people into a far right theocracy (mixed with a privatized system completely) will change America for the better. The truth is that revolutionary progressive change in our economy and other areas of our lives will make the real difference in creating a better world for all. It is also important to acknowledge the life and legacy of Sister Phillis Wheatley. She was born in Africa and she was a slave in America. Her words moved the world. In her life, she wanted liberty for her people and opportunities to express her literary talents globally. She was definitely ahead of her time, because her prose was filled with eloquence, power, inspiration, and an urgent message of promoting true justice. I read some of her poetry before and her work is moving. Some of her work would be displayed in iambic tetrameter. Her other works would talk about other cultures, Africa, etc. The common thread in her volume of literature is about her seeking a better life and honoring her heritage gloriously. Today, tons of writers and poets exist. It is very important to honor this great black woman who sacrificed so much for us who live in the 21st century.
Rest in Power Sister Phillis Wheatley.

First, it has to be acknowledged that it is a serious problem that some parts of hip hop music is filled with materialism, misogyny, anti-black slurs, the disrespect of human dignity, the glamorization of violence, and other evils. Many musicians have made a living in a sick way to degrade black people in the most heinous ways possible (which is wrong). That's real and many people have talked about this truth for generations. C. Delores Tucker heroically talked about this issue and she was slandered when she was alive. It was only after she was passed away unfortunately that many people understood what she was saying and where she was coming from. I don't agree with Miley Cyrus on many issues (she is known to make profane records and use risque music videos for years filled with references about molly and doing "lines." All of that is found in her song "We Can't Stop."). Likewise, it is important to critique hip hop and any other genres of music. No genre of music is above legitimate critique. In the final analysis, we want real, authentic musical expression, but we have the free speech right to criticize those who exploit music as an excuse for some people to advance nihilism in an viciously nefarious fashion. I like conscious hip hop (with a positive message. One example is the music from Arrested Development, which is lyrical, powerful, and has a glorious message too) and any uplifting, righteous music myself.

I believe in many principles. I believe that health care is a human right (as Obama has said days ago). I believe in care for the environment. I believe in the freedom of conscience. I believe in God. I believe in social, economic, and racial justice. I believe in helping the poor and defending the rights of women. I also believe in humor and the pursuit of happiness. I believe in praising people who have done yeoman's work in helping society. I also appreciate so many people here showing information, videos, and words about humor, life in general, fitness, culture, and the glorious aspects of living (all of you certainly motivate me in my life). I believe in using technology constructively and supporting enterprises too. I also love to study information to learn new information in my life. We all need joy and happiness in our lives. The death of this man named Edward Crawford (who protested in Ferguson in 2014) is very sad. I send condolences to his family and friends. It is important to note that the events in Ferguson changed history forever. Ferguson (whose citizens suffered racism, police brutality, oppressive covenant laws involving housing for decades) opened a new chapter in Black American history. The Midwestern location of Ferguson taught people about courage and bravery. In 2014, innocent people including journalists were victims of tea gas, false arrests, and excessive force. Yet, these human beings continued to press on in expressing their voices. It was the time when it conclusively shown young people not only being filled with consciousness, but it displayed young people being willingly to oppose police terrorism in public and in private. It is important to find out how exactly this young man died. The struggle continues and we are inspired by the activists from Ferguson to carry onward in our journey for real black liberation.

By Timothy

Monday, May 08, 2017

Civil War

Macron wins French presidency

Historical Facts.

After the gold rush in Seattle, massive immigration came into Seattle. Seattle’s neighborhoods developed. New immigrants traveled into the city’s core. It had a Public Market too. Downtown extended into more locations. Streetcars provided transportation to new outlying neighborhoods. The vision of city engineer R. H. Thomson was to develop municipal utilities. Therefore, a massive effort existed to level the steep hills that rose south and north of the bustling city. A seawall had dirt from Denny Regrade formed a current waterfront. More soil from the Denny Regrade went to create the industrial Harbor Island at the mouth of the Duwamish River, which is south of Downtown. Seattle’s topography was transformed in other ways too beyond the Denny Regrade. The Jackson Regrade was already reshaped Pioneer Square and the International District. The 1911–1917 construction of the Lake Washington Ship Canal included two major "cuts" (the Montlake Cut and the Fremont Cut), four bascule bridges, and the Government Locks (now Hiram M. Chittenden Locks). The level of Lake Washington dropped; the Black River, which formerly ran out of the south end of the lake, dried up completely, and Seward Island became the Seward Peninsula, now the site of Seward Park. These actions didn’t exist with zoning. Land was used for a diversity of reasons and many economic classes were in those places. City planners also put in plans for parks and boulevards under a plan. This plan was organized by the Olmsted Firm. It created many parks and about 20 miles of boulevard, which linked most of the parks and greenbelts within city limits. The ambiance of Seattle today in part was originated from that project. Seattle transformed from a large wilderness in part to a major city.  The Seattle Symphony was founded in 1903 and while few, if any, other comparably important arts institutions were established. This was during a time where popular entertainments spread rapidly.  Vaudeville impresarios Alexander Pantages, John Considine, and John Cort (the last also involved in legitimate theater) were all based in Seattle during this era.

Seattle is a major seaport then and now. It depends on its waterfront for much of its economy. Before 1911, the seaport of Seattle was made up of jumble of private rail lines and docks. So, the progressive reformers helped to build a port owned and operated by the local government. The efficient new system allowed Seattle to expand after 1945 with the Sea-Tac airport. This allowed Seattle to be one of the first Pacific Coast ports to move to containerized shipping and thus expand business with Asia. Seattle continued to grow rapidly during the early 1900’s. It had its Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition of 1909 to celebrate its growth. Many people challenged the status quo too. The Labor left and the progressives wanted better government. They opposed the hegemony of the captains of industry. Rail baron James J. Hill, addressing Seattle business leaders in 1909, noted and regretted the change. "Where," he asked, "are the man who used to match your mountains...?" Religion was less of a force in Seattle than in eastern cities. Yet, the Protestant Social Gospel movement was strong. There was one national leader in the Rev. Mark A. Matthews (1867-1940) of Seattle's First Presbyterian Church. He was a tireless reformer who investigated red light districts and crime scenes, denouncing corrupt politicians businessmen and saloon keepers. With 10,000 members, his was the largest Presbyterian Church in the country, and he was selected the denomination's national moderator in 1912. He build a model church, with night schools, unemployment bureaus, a kindergarten, anti-tuberculosis clinics, and America's first church-owned radio station. Matthews was the most influential clergymen in the Pacific Northwest.

The era of WWI existed in Seattle too. In 1910, Seattle voters approved of a referendum. It wanted to create development for the city. Yet, the result of it was called the Bogue plan. It was never implemented. The unused plan had formed a grand civic center in Belltown and the Denny Regrade connected to the rest of the city by a rapid transit rail system (with a huge expansion of the park system). The park system was crowned by a total conversion of 4,000 acre (1,600 hectare) Mercer Island into parkland. Yet, the plan was defeated by an alliance of fiscal conservatives. They opposed the plan because of its grandiose nature. The populists opposed it since they viewed the plan as mainly benefiting the rich. Lumber and maritime industries grew in Seattle during the 1910’s. World War I increased Pacific maritime trade and a boom in shipbuilding developed. There was belligerency in the Atlantic Ocean. The war ended and economic output crashed. The reason was that the government stopped buying boats. Also, there were no new industries to pick up the slack. Seattle stopped being the place of explosive growth. Opportunities declined for two consecutive decades. After WWI, Washington State in its western areas was a hotbed of radical labor agitation. In 1918, there was a dispute over post-war lowering of waterfront wages. It spread into the Seattle General Strike. The Industrial Workers of the World played an important role in the strike. The Seattle mayor Ole Hanson became a big figure in the First Red Scare (which was about anti-Communist paranoia which violated the freedom of speech). Hanson made an unsuccessful attempt to ride that backlash to the White House in an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination for the Presidential election of 1920. Seattle also focused on the arts. It became an arts center by the 1920’s. The Frye and Henry families put on public displays of the collections that would be the Frye Art Museum and the Henry Art Gallery. Australian painter Ambrose Patterson came into Seattle in 1919. Over the next decades, Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, Guy Irving Anderson, and Paul Horiuchi would establish themselves as nationally and internationally known artists. Bandleader Vic Meyers and others kept the speakeasies jumping through the Prohibition era, and by mid-century the thriving jazz scene in the city's Skid Road district would launch the careers of such luminaries as Ray Charles and Quincy Jones. In 1924, Seattle's Sand Point Airfield was the endpoint of the first aerial circumnavigation of the world. The historic flight helped convince Congress to develop Sand Point as a Naval Air Station. The Great Depression hit Seattle hard. One example is how Seattle issued 2,538 permits for housing construction in 1930, but only 361 in 1932. During the Maritime Strike of 1934, Smith Cove was nearly a battle zone; shippers were scared, to the point where Seattle lost most of its Asian trade to Los Angeles.

Western Expansion grew with technology. This technology included the following: the Santé Fe Trail, the Oregon Trial, the pony express, and the telegraph. The Santa Fe Trail was a transportation route during the 19th century. It connected Independence, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pedro Vial pioneered the route in 1792 and he was a French explorer. William Becknell promoted it in 1821. It was a very important route that carried many goods and services throughout the frontier west. It was a very vital highway. The railroad replaced the Santa Fe Trail by 1880. The trade center in Santa Fe carried trade into Mexico City. The route intersected Comanche land in the area called Comancheria. The Comanche wanted compensation for passage on the trail. It was another market for American traders. Comanche raided areas in America, New Mexico, and Mexico. Wagons readily traveled along the route. By the 1840's trail traffic along the Arkansas Valley was so heavy that bison herds could not reach important seasonal grazing land, contributing to their collapse which in turn hastened the decline of Comanche power in the region. The Santa Fe Trail was used as an invasion route of New Mexico during the Mexican American War in 1846. Americans exchanged manufactured good for the New Mexicans giving the Americans horses, mules, furs, and silver. Today, the road area of the Santa Fe is now remembered by the National Park Service as the Santa Fe National Historic Trial. The Oregon Trail was different in many ways than the Santa Fe Trail. Thousands of men, women, and children traveled along 2,000 in wagon trains at time during a six month journey on the Oregon Trail. Many people wanted to not travel across South America to go into the West Coast. So, the Oregon Trail was created in order to allow people to have easiest access to the Pacific Coast. The Oregon Trail started in Missouri. Many people carried farm supplies, weapons, animals, clothing, etc. The trail crossed through rivers, prairies, and mountains. It ended in Oregon and California.  By 1836, when the first migrant wagon train was organized in Independence, Missouri, a wagon trail had been cleared to Fort Hall, Idaho. Trails were cleared further and further west, eventually reaching all the way to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. This network of wagon trails leading to the Pacific Northwest was later called the Oregon Trail. The eastern half of the route was also used by travelers on the California Trail (from 1843), Mormon Trail (from 1847), and Bozeman Trail (from 1863) before they turned off to their separate destinations. In the "Wagon Train of 1843", some 700 to 1,000 emigrants headed for Oregon; missionary Marcus Whitman led the wagons on the last leg. In 1846, the Barlow Road was completed around Mount Hood, providing a rough but passable wagon trail from the Missouri River to the Willamette Valley: about 2,000 miles. People also used the Oregon Trail to travel eastward too. Many people had to deal with the dangers of snakebites, wagon accidents, violence from other travelers, etc. Some had to deal with attacks from Native Americans. Some had diseases like dysentery, typhoid, and cholera. Avalanches happened too. The Donner Party had over 40 people dying of starvation during the winter of 1846-1847.

The pony express existed very powerfully in the world. The federal government gave subsidies for the development of mail and freight delivery. By 1856, Congress authorized road improvements and an overland mail service to California. So, new commercial wagon trains service existed to haul mostly freight. In 1858, John Butterfield (1801–69) established a stage service that went from Saint Louis to San Francisco in 24 days along a southern route. This route was abandoned in 1861 after Texas joined the Confederacy, in favor of stagecoach services established via Fort Laramie and Salt Lake City, a 24-day journey, with Wells Fargo & Co. as the foremost provider (initially using the old "Butterfield" name). William Russell, hoping to get a government contract for more rapid mail delivery service, started the Pony Express in 1860, cutting delivery time to ten days. He set up over 150 stations about 15 miles (24 km) apart. In 1861 Congress passed the Land-Grant Telegraph Act which financed the construction of Western Union's transcontinental telegraph lines. Hiram Sibley, Western Union's head, negotiated exclusive agreements with railroads to run telegraph lines along their right-of-way. Eight years before the transcontinental railroad opened, the First Transcontinental Telegraph linked Omaha, Nebraska and San Francisco (and points in-between) on October 24, 1861. The Pony Express ended in just 18 months because it could not compete with the telegraph.

By Timothy